Decaffeinated Beans

Decaf Brazilian

One of the best decaf coffees we have ever tasted. We dare you to tell the difference. Socially Conscious to boot.

  • Characteristics - Dark cocoa with caramel undertones
  • Origin - South America
  • Roast - High Altitude 
  • Body - Medium/Full
  • Acidity - Low

Decaf Espresso

Some say "why bother" with decaf espresso. We say because when its this good, you want it all the time. A balanced blend in the Italian tradition as espresso and equally as nice in a french press, day or night.

  • Characteristics - Creamy with a sweet "heart" it mirrors the classic coffees of Italy
  • Origin - Indonesia/South Americas
  • Roast - Trade Secret
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium

Decaf French Roast

Our roasters take it slow and easy to produce this traditional deep dark roast. Smokey nuances and bittersweet flavors dominate this signature roast. Our customers who like it dark, love our French!

  • Characteristics - Bittersweet and smokey
  • Origin - Central/South Americas
  • Roast - Darkest
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Low

Decaf House

A perfect balance achieved with stout indonesian beans blended with a caramel toasted vienna roast. A decaf staple for your home.

  • Characteristics - Intense flavor yet super smooth for this versatile decaf
  • Origin - Americas/Indonesia
  • Roast - High Altitude/Dark
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium