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Sumatra Harimau Tiger

These hearty beans are from the islands of the Mahy Archipelago, a coffee world renowned for its quality and heavy cup. An earthy pungency with rich herbal notes.

  • Characteristics - Syrupy body, sweet green pepper, cedar.
  • Origin - Indonesia
  • Roast - High Altitude 
  • Body - Heavy/Full
  • Acidity - Low

Vienna Roast

This popular favorite is roasted a tad bit darker than our High Altitude roasts, but not as dark and bittersweet as our French Roast coffee lending to a round caramelly, sweetness. Vienna Roast is the coffee served at most of our prestigious wholesale accounts.

  • Characteristics - Hints of dark roast, and caramel sweetness
  • Origin - Americas
  • Roast - Dark
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Low

Peruvian Fair Trade Organic

Grown in the mighty Andes Mountains and wet processed to promise a clean mellow taste. Enjoy this coffee with your morning paper.

  • Characteristics - Sweet, caramel, citrus, plum
  • Altitude - 1200-1600 Meters
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium
  • Process - Fully washed. Solar dried.

ink! Holiday Blend

Dark chocolate sweetness combines with hints of smokey roasted nuts. The perfect balanced blend to complement the hearty foods of the Holiday season.

  • Characteristics - Big, bold flavor. Sweet, smooth finish.
  • Origin - Indonesia/Americas
  • Roast - Vienna/High Altitude 
  • Body - Full/Heavy
  • Acidity - Low/Medium

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House Quake

The creation of three ink! Coffee baristas, the light and lively blend combines three beans from different countries to produce a harmonious magic in the cup.

  • Characteristics - Complex and sweet. Cocoa and hazelnut. Tangerine finish.
  • Origin - Africa/Americas
  • Roast - High Altitude
  • Body - Medium
  • Acidity - Medium

French Roast

Our roasters take it slow and easy to produce this traditional deep dark roast. Smokey nuances and bittersweet flavors dominate this signature roast. Our customers who like it dark, love our French!

  • Characteristics - Our darkest roast, smoky and bittersweet
  • Origin - Americas
  • Roast - Darkest
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Low

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Grown in the southern mountains of Ethiopia, these coffees are known for their intense floral aroma and hints of orange peel bits. Many pros in the coffee world consider this coffee the finest around.

  • Characteristics - Floral aroma, citrus fruit notes and a lemony brightness
  • Origin - Africa
  • Roast - High Altitude 
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium/High

Espresso 89

We usually prefer our espresso Northern Italian style; a complex blend roasted delicately and taken straight. But when we took this single origin to a slightly darker roast, we found the resulting caramelized sugars matched perfectly in milk. So we thought, why not?

  • Characteristics - Darker roast chocolate taste, licorice sweetness, Big body
  • Origin - Africa/Asia/Americas 
  • Roast - Trade Secret
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium

Espresso 87

Old world Italian style espresso. Great in a cappuccino or classic cocoa notes when taken straight. Our European customers rave about this one!

  • Characteristics - Classic Northern Italian espresso blend. Chocolate, hazelnut, caramel. Sweet. 
  • Origin - Americas/Africa/Indonesia
  • Roast - Trade Secret
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium

Decaf House

A perfect balance achieved with stout indonesian beans blended with a caramel toasted vienna roast. A decaf staple for your home.

  • Characteristics - Intense flavor yet super smooth for this versatile decaf
  • Origin - Americas/Indonesia
  • Roast - High Altitude/Dark
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium

Decaf French Roast

Our roasters take it slow and easy to produce this traditional deep dark roast. Smokey nuances and bittersweet flavors dominate this signature roast. Our customers who like it dark, love our French!

  • Characteristics - Bittersweet and smokey
  • Origin - Central/South Americas
  • Roast - Darkest
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Low

Decaf Espresso

Some say "why bother" with decaf espresso. We say because when its this good, you want it all the time. A balanced blend in the Italian tradition as espresso and equally as nice in a french press, day or night.

  • Characteristics - Creamy with a sweet "heart" it mirrors the classic coffees of Italy
  • Origin - Indonesia/South Americas
  • Roast - Trade Secret
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium

Decaf Brazilian

One of the best decaf coffees we have ever tasted. We dare you to tell the difference. Socially Conscious to boot.

  • Characteristics - Dark cocoa with caramel undertones
  • Origin - South America
  • Roast - High Altitude 
  • Body - Medium/Full
  • Acidity - Low


6610 ft. This is the altitude we roast our coffee and the reason our High Altitude, Slow roasting process brings out the deepest, smoothest flavors of each and every bean. A blend so rich yet so smooth.

  • Characteristics - A bold blend of full-bodied coffees roasted special dark to reveal a rich taste, slightly smoky undertones and bittersweet, dark chocolate.  
  • Origin - Central & South America
  • Roast - Special Dark 
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Very Low

6610 Single Serve Cup Packs

Our signature 6610 Blend coffee is now available for your Keurig® brewer.  Enjoy the rich, smooth flavor in this convenient package at your home or office. Each box contains 12 single serve cups.

Brazilian Conquista

Our first foray into Direct Trade, Socially Conscious Coffee. This special Estate coffee is not only amazing in the cup and very versatile, our partnerships helps the farmers and their families who need it most.

  • Characteristics - Brown sugar, light cocoa, caramel sweet.  
  • Region - Bahia
  • Altitude - 2700 ft 
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium
  • Process - Semi Washed

Black & Tan

An old world European dark roast blended with a mild Central American. The bittersweet bite of the dark roast is smoothed out and sweetened by the honeyness of
the central American bean.

  • Characteristics - Dark and light roasts combined. Dark Chocolate followed by smooth milk chocolate.
  • Origin - Americas 
  • Roast - High Altitude/Dark 
  • Body - Medium/Full 
  • Acidity - Low/Medium