Proprietary Blends


6610 ft. This is the altitude we roast our coffee and the reason our High Altitude, Slow roasting process brings out the deepest, smoothest flavors of each and every bean. A blend so rich yet so smooth.

  • Characteristics - A bold blend of full-bodied coffees roasted special dark to reveal a rich taste, slightly smoky undertones and bittersweet, dark chocolate.  
  • Origin - Central & South America
  • Roast - Special Dark 
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Very Low

Black & Tan

An old world European dark roast blended with a mild Central American. The bittersweet bite of the dark roast is smoothed out and sweetened by the honeyness of
the central American bean.

  • Characteristics - Dark and light roasts combined. Dark Chocolate followed by smooth milk chocolate.
  • Origin - Americas 
  • Roast - High Altitude/Dark 
  • Body - Medium/Full 
  • Acidity - Low/Medium

Espresso 87

Old world Italian style espresso. Great in a cappuccino or classic cocoa notes when taken straight. Our European customers rave about this one!

  • Characteristics - Classic Northern Italian espresso blend. Chocolate, hazelnut, caramel. Sweet. 
  • Origin - Americas/Africa/Indonesia
  • Roast - Trade Secret
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium

Espresso 89

We usually prefer our espresso Northern Italian style; a complex blend roasted delicately and taken straight. But when we took this single origin to a slightly darker roast, we found the resulting caramelized sugars matched perfectly in milk. So we thought, why not?

  • Characteristics - Darker roast chocolate taste, licorice sweetness, Big body
  • Origin - Africa/Asia/Americas 
  • Roast - Trade Secret
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium

House Quake

The creation of three ink! Coffee baristas, the light and lively blend combines three beans from different countries to produce a harmonious magic in the cup.

  • Characteristics - Complex and sweet. Cocoa and hazelnut. Tangerine finish.
  • Origin - Africa/Americas
  • Roast - High Altitude
  • Body - Medium
  • Acidity - Medium

ink! Holiday Blend

Dark chocolate sweetness combines with hints of smokey roasted nuts. The perfect balanced blend to complement the hearty foods of the Holiday season.

  • Characteristics - Big, bold flavor. Sweet, smooth finish.
  • Origin - Indonesia/Americas
  • Roast - Vienna/High Altitude 
  • Body - Full/Heavy
  • Acidity - Low/Medium

We Breathe Hope // Whole Bean // 12 oz. bag

“We Breath Hope” is a blend of special coffees which offers a full but smooth cup with sweet milk chocolate as a focal point. 20% of the sale of this bag will be donated to National Jewish Health, the leading respiratory hospital in the nation.