Single Origins

Brazilian Conquista

Our first foray into Direct Trade, Socially Conscious Coffee. This special Estate coffee is not only amazing in the cup and very versatile, our partnerships helps the farmers and their families who need it most.

  • Characteristics - Brown sugar, light cocoa, caramel sweet.  
  • Region - Bahia
  • Altitude - 2700 ft 
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium
  • Process - Semi Washed

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Grown in the southern mountains of Ethiopia, these coffees are known for their intense floral aroma and hints of orange peel bits. Many pros in the coffee world consider this coffee the finest around.

  • Characteristics - Floral aroma, citrus fruit notes and a lemony brightness
  • Origin - Africa
  • Roast - High Altitude 
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium/High

Peruvian Fair Trade Organic

Grown in the mighty Andes Mountains and wet processed to promise a clean mellow taste. Enjoy this coffee with your morning paper.

  • Characteristics - Sweet, caramel, citrus, plum
  • Altitude - 1200-1600 Meters
  • Body - Full
  • Acidity - Medium
  • Process - Fully washed. Solar dried.

Sumatra Harimau Tiger

These hearty beans are from the islands of the Mahy Archipelago, a coffee world renowned for its quality and heavy cup. An earthy pungency with rich herbal notes.

  • Characteristics - Syrupy body, sweet green pepper, cedar.
  • Origin - Indonesia
  • Roast - High Altitude 
  • Body - Heavy/Full
  • Acidity - Low